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Deck Railing System Ideas You Must Consider

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You Must Consider these Deck Railing System Ideas

When constructing or remodeling your outdoor deck, the railing is the final detail that can add character and bring life. Deck railing systems are mainly essential for safety reasons, even though they can be obstacles when taking a scenic view.

Whether you’re a home renovation professional, deck builder, or simply a homeowner, it’s necessary for you to familiarize different deck railings. Here are the five railing types that offer style, functionality, and safety features you might consider to help you gather ideas for your deck.

Different Types of Deck Railing Systems


Railing System for Your Home

1. Wood deck railing system

The conventional deck railing system is commonly made from wood with additional structures. This is a popular option for DIYers because the materials are very ecologically friendly and easy to build.

Custom wooden rails made by professional craftsmen are often used to supplement high-quality decking carved in decorative form. But the wooden balcony railings will most probably block your view. Wood railings can last for ten years or more with adequate maintenance.

2. Metal deck railing system

The installation of iron, steel, or powder pickets is an affordable way to add some style to your deck railing system. They are often combined with a wooden rail but certainly can be mounted on a corresponding metal frame.

In many colors and stylish styles, such as square, round and baroque, metal balusters are usually available in boxes with ten at homemade upgrades. This strong and stylish, easier-to-maintain metal deck railing will not break your bank for most homeowners.

3. Composite deck railing system

Composites are low maintenance, cost-effective, and increasingly popular. Decking companies often produce railings that match their composite decks’ appearance and come prefabricated as a single unit, which easily locks up.

They are also often sold assets in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. Although it is said that composite rails are incredibly durable, colour fading can be a problem. They don’t last as long as promised.

4. Glass deck railing system

The glass panels can also replace the pickets or balustrades so that a deck with a view is a good option for this kind of railing. The minimal glass look adds an elegant and modern attraction, and can also be installed on spigots. Your glass panels can be decorative or colored, but above all, the whole piece is tempered, not only edges.

This deck railing type will be more expensive than others, and only a professional should be installing it. Clean and new, particularly in salty ocean surroundings, will require a little further maintenance for glass railings. But more than a decade can easily last. If you’re looking for a deck railing system that is low maintenance, then this one is good for you.

5. Cable deck railing system

If you wish to have a picturesque view and feel the breeze with an open design, cable deck railings are also an excellent choice. Due to its horizontal arrangement features, this type of deck railing system is incredibly unique. Combined with a wood or metal frame, the look is both modern and traditional.

The cable wire is maintenance-free and robust enough to resist the harshest weather. Reliable railing suppliers can provide specialized kits for easy installation and custom design for single applications. The cost of a cable rail may be comparable to a glass or metal rail but may last longer.

6. Aluminum deck railing system

There is no single material that is perfect for every type of railing project. Choosing the best deck railing material necessitates balancing several factors. While an aluminum deck railing system may not be the first option that comes to mind compared to more popular options like wood and composite, it is the best choice in many cases and is also low maintenance.

The aluminum deck railing system is both strong and light. As a result, it is an excellent choice for projects where you cannot compromise safety. It is simple to work with, has a long lifespan, and requires little maintenance. Aluminum railing can also offer a variety of aesthetic customization options.

As always, it’s critical to research each material to find the best one for your project. Further research into the different benefits and drawbacks of the deck railing systems can help you narrow down your options.

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Residential and commercial deck railing system installation in GTA

Installing the railing systems on your deck is a requirement for most building codes. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner who has elevated decks on their spaces, it’s your primary obligation to secure every individual’s safety. Reach out to our deck railing installation services in GTA to assist you today.

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