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interlocking driveways

Opt for driveway stone to revamp and fortify your front gardens, walkways, and terraces. The experienced team at GTA Grizzly LTD has perfected the art of delivering flawless driveway stone services in Toronto, merging beauty with resilience. Enhance your property’s value with our sturdy and easy-to-maintain stone options, available in a range of hues and patterns.

What is an Interlocking Driveway?

An interlocking driveway refers to a surface composed of individual pavers that are meticulously arranged in a pattern. These pavers can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete, stone, or brick. Unlike traditional driveways made from a single slab of concrete or asphalt, interlocking driveways are made up of many pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. This design not only offers flexibility in terms of patterns and colors but also provides excellent durability and drainage capabilities. The spaces between the pavers allow for natural expansion and contraction, reducing the risk of cracks and providing a permeable surface that prevents water pooling.

How to Install Interlocking Pavers?

Installing interlocking pavers is a methodical process that requires careful planning and precision. The process begins by excavating the area to a suitable depth and ensuring a leveled surface. Once excavated, a layer of gravel is laid as a base, compacted to provide a sturdy foundation. This is followed by a layer of sand to facilitate proper leveling of the pavers. After these preparations, the actual placement of pavers begins. Starting from a corner or a defined edge, pavers are laid closely following the desired pattern. After the entire area is covered, another thin layer of sand is spread over the top and compacted to fill the gaps between the pavers, providing stability. Proper edge restraints are then put in place to prevent lateral movement of the pavers over time.

Below is the step-by-step guide to help you understand the installation process:

1. Planning and Design:

Choose the type, color, and pattern of the pavers you want.

Measure the area you want to pave, and draw a detailed plan that includes any curves, borders, or specific patterns.

2. Site Preparation

Mark the area using stakes and string lines.

Excavate the soil to the required depth, typically 7-9 inches for driveways or 4-6 inches for patios and walkways.

3. Laying the Base:

Spread a layer of crushed gravel or limestone (about 4-6 inches thick) as the base.

Compact the gravel base using a mechanical compactor to create a solid foundation. Ensure the base has a slight slope to aid in drainage.

4. Install Edge Restraints:

Set edge restraints around the perimeter of the area to hold the pavers in place over time. They can be made of plastic, metal, or precast concrete.

5. Sand Layer

Over the compacted base, spread a 1-inch layer of coarse sand. This facilitates proper leveling of the pavers.

6. Laying the Pavers

Starting from a straight edge or a 90-degree corner, begin laying the pavers closely together, following your desired pattern. Use a rubber mallet to tap each paver into place.

For curves or specific shapes, you may need to cut pavers using a masonry saw or a splitter.

7. Fill the Joints:

Once all pavers are in place, spread a thin layer of fine sand over the surface.

Use a push broom to sweep the sand into the joints between the pavers. This locks the pavers in place and ensures stability.

Compact the pavers with a mechanical compactor, which also helps to push the sand deeper into the joints.

8. Final Touches:

Sweep off any excess sand from the surface.

You can optionally apply a sealant over the pavers to enhance their color and protect them from stains and weathering.

9. Maintenance:

Periodically check for any loose or shifted pavers, especially after extreme weather events. Refill sand as needed.

With these steps completed, your interlocking paver installation should be ready for use and will provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface for years to come.


  1. NO-COST ESTIMATE: Contact us through phone, email, or our digital portal.
  2. SITE EVALUATION: Our team assesses your space for precise measurements and seamless installation.
  3. DESIGN & MATERIAL CONSULTATION: Avail our complimentary design consultation, top-tier materials, and budget-friendly rates.
  4. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: A dedicated project lead ensures the seamless progress of your endeavor.


Beyond its striking appearance, driveway stone offers various advantages including unparalleled sturdiness, simple upkeep, and impressive load-bearing properties. Count on GTA Grizzly LTD to realize your vision, promising an uplift in your property’s worth.


Permeable stone is no longer restricted to commercial domains. With its rising popularity in Toronto homes, it effectively addresses rainwater management. Top stone producers like Techo-bloc, Unilock, and others offer captivating selections for residential spaces.


  • Efficient Water Flow: A boon for properties with water accumulation, permeable stone promotes natural drainage.
  • Long-lasting with Minimal Upkeep: With little care, these stones remain intact for years.
  • Green Alternative: Many municipalities now encourage permeable over conventional stone due to its environmental benefits.


  • STURDINESS & EASE OF CARE Skilled installation ensures a long-lasting and low-maintenance driveway. These surfaces withstand various elements and wear. Maintenance is straightforward, and thanks to our expert approach, issues like weed growth are mitigated. Expect these stones to stay in top shape for decades, with easy individual stone replacement.
  • DESIGN VARIETY & INSTALLATION CONVENIENCE Driveway stones come with numerous design choices. Select a distinct pattern from a wide range of textures and shades. GTA Grizzly LTD promises an unmatched aesthetic for your property. While precision is key, the setup process is efficient and lacks the drying phase of concrete or asphalt.
  • ENHANCED DRAINAGE & ECO ADVANTAGES Driveway stones reduce slippery risks. Their design combats water accumulation, and their porous nature diminishes runoff, curbing soil erosion. They handle Canada’s climatic cycles without sacrificing appearance.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Interlocking Pavers?

The cost of installing interlocking pavers can vary widely based on several factors. At the foundation, the type, quality, and design of the pavers chosen play a significant role in the overall price. For instance, natural stone pavers are generally more expensive than concrete or brick pavers. The size and complexity of the project area, whether it’s a simple rectangular driveway or a winding garden path with intricate patterns, also impact the cost. Labor rates can fluctuate based on region, and specialized designs may require skilled professionals, adding to the expense. Additionally, factors like site preparation, including excavation and base material costs, and any required drainage solutions, contribute to the final price. On average, homeowners might expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $25 per square foot, but this range can extend higher or lower depending on the aforementioned variables. Always seek multiple quotes and consider the long-term benefits of investing in quality workmanship and materials.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers for Driveways in Toronto

In the bustling city of Toronto, homeowners are constantly seeking durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for their driveways, and interlocking concrete pavers have emerged as a popular choice. These pavers, known for their versatility in design and robustness, offer a combination of strength and style. Unlike traditional asphalt or poured concrete, interlocking pavers provide a unique design flexibility, allowing homeowners to choose from a plethora of shapes, colors, and patterns to complement their property’s architecture. Their interlocking nature ensures a tight fit, reducing the chance of shifts or gaps over time. Additionally, they offer excellent drainage, reducing puddle formation and the risks associated with freeze-thaw cycles common in Toronto’s climate. With professional installation, these pavers promise longevity, requiring minimal maintenance, making them a favored choice for Toronto residents seeking both functionality and curb appeal for their driveways.

Interlocking Companies Near Me: GTA Grizzly LTD

When searching for “interlocking companies near me,” GTA Grizzly LTD stands out as a premier choice for residents looking for quality and reliability. As urban landscapes continue to evolve, homeowners often seek solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics, and this company delivers precisely that. GTA Grizzly LTD boasts a seasoned team of professionals adept at transforming outdoor spaces with meticulously laid interlocking designs. Their comprehensive services cater to varied needs, from driveways to patios, ensuring durability and visual appeal. What sets them apart is their commitment to client satisfaction, a vast portfolio of successful projects, and a reputation built on trust and excellence. For those in the vicinity seeking top-tier interlocking services, GTA Grizzly LTD emerges as a trusted local name, synonymous with quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.


A well-curated terrace augments your outdoor living, paving the way for gatherings, dining, and relaxation. GTA Grizzly LTD specializes in intricate terrace stone in Toronto. Allow our design experts to craft your outdoor sanctuary.


A thoughtfully laid pathway can uplift your property’s aesthetics. Proper construction is essential to avoid weed infestation. As proud members of Landscape Ontario, GTA Grizzly LTD upholds industry norms and offers a 5-year assurance against craftsmanship defects.


A home’s entrance sets the tone. GTA Grizzly LTD‘s creative team emphasizes this, crafting a majestic entrance from the steps to the front area.


  • TRUSTWORTHINESS: We’ve earned our reputation through satisfied customers and our commitment to excellence.
  • SKILLSET: We serve with unmatched professionalism, catering to both homes and businesses.
  • KNOW-HOW: Our vast experience guarantees the triumph of your project.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We vow to maintain open communication, keeping you in the loop.
  • EXCELLENCE: Quality service remains our prime focus, always exceeding client anticipations.

For over a decade, GTA Grizzly LTD has been transforming landscapes in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our devoted team collaborates with you for a bespoke solution, materializing your envisioned landscape. With sustainable practices at the forefront, we advocate our permeable stone options, merging beauty with eco-consciousness.

Reach out to explore what we can achieve together!

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