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Railing System for Your Home

How Much Does a Deck Cost to Build

Most residential property owners aim for safety for their homes where it will be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. Indoor and outdoor railings must be present to protect every person who uses the staircase and will prevent you from falling accidents. Thus, it should abide by the building code standards to secure your safety. Its requirements include:

  • Height of the railing
  • Spacing of posts
  • Fasteners and materials

When choosing suitable materials, you must consider the railings’ purpose, functionality, and maintenance. If you choose to ignore this step, you’ll not be able to know what should be done to your railings to keep it good as new. Here are some railing system styles:


The most common material for railing design, especially when on a budget. Wood can be mixed and matched according to your house design or interiors, enhancing your home’s overall appearance. Although, this type of material requires a lot of maintenance, particularly for outside railings, which are prone to extreme weather like high humidity and precipitation. Without care, it can quickly dry out or moisten, which results in the weak structure of the wood railing.

Stainless Steel Railings


Steel is the winner in terms of strength and durability. On the other hand, stainless steel is the most costly railing material. Steel railings can be made solely of steel for the posts, top rail, and pickets, including additional materials such as cable and glass. However, steel weight might make installation challenging for the typical DIYer.

Finally, steel railings, particularly stainless steel, require little maintenance and are more corrosion resistant (when maintained properly). Steel is designed to withstand corrosive situations, such as those found near the sea. If the appearance of your steel railing system is essential to you, ensure that the color you desire is available in metal-compatible paints.



Aluminum is a fantastic steel substitute. It’s more suited for a clever DIYer because it’s lighter than steel, making it easier to move around and install. Aluminum railings are also less costly than steel railings, with no sacrifice in strength and longevity. Many aluminum railing vendors provide several color options. The aluminum undergoes preheating to increase its general corrosion resistance before the fence is completed in the color of your choosing. Because of the treatment and color possibilities, they are adaptable to any design aesthetic.

Finally, aluminum railings are essentially maintenance-free once installed and have a better lifetime value, unlike wood and vinyl.



Glass inserts are generally low-maintenance from a maintenance standpoint. You may clean them as frequently as you clean your exterior windows for external railings. They do, however, weather and get clouded with time. Clean them as needed for indoor uses, such as when you detect fingerprints when visitors arrive.

Glass railings is heavy and might break during installation if not handled carefully. As a result, we recommend that you engage an expert to oversee the facility.

Railing System for Your Home


Cable railing systems are growing in popularity. Stainless steel is frequently used for these high-tension wires, balancing the necessity for safety with the need for little aesthetic disturbance. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Aluminum, steel, composite sleeves, and wood are all acceptable post materials for cable railing systems.

Unlike other metal railing alternatives, cables require periodic cleaning. The wire is lightweight compared to other fence components, and the hardware is simple to install. However, obtaining the required tension is crucial for a code-compliant wire railing system; you may want to hire an expert to install it.

Are you ready to pick your railing system designs?

A railing is an essential part of the design and safety of your home. Railings must not only serve a practical purpose but also complement the style, look, and feel of your house. 

Here at GTA Grizzly, we understand what it takes to spend your money on enhancing your surroundings’ safety and security. Our team provides sustainable and high-quality railing materials for installations to obtain cost-effectiveness and exceptional craftsmanship. We offer quality railing services mainly in Aluminum Railings, Glass railings, Stainless Steel railings, Privacy Sections, Composite and Vinyl Fences, Gates and Columns, and  Wood railings

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