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How to Keep your Metal Railings Appealing


When newly installed metal railings are added to residential or commercial establishments, they can look aesthetically stunning. They can be a lovely charm to your property for many years to come. However, they will only remain at their best if they are correctly cared for and maintained like all things.

Regular use, wear and tear, rusty railings, and exposure to other elements can all hurt the appearance of your iron railings over time. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, your railings can survive significantly in the long run.


Here is a list of Maintenance Tips you can do for your Metal Railing System.


Cleaning the metal railing system

The first thing that will detract from the metal railing’s appearance is primarily the dust and dirt. This could be due to people’s hands using the rail, pollution, or even nearby construction kicking dust into the air.

You can dust off your railing with a microfiber cloth or, for a more thorough cleaning, combine a quarter cup of household cleaner with a half-gallon of water and wipe it down with a cloth. After cleaning, completely dry your railing.


Metal rails rust removal and prevention

Don’t worry about rust if your railing is hot-dipped-galvanized. If you’ve chosen a primer or paint finish, rust will be an issue, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for it to stop it in its tracks.

Your metal railing will come with a rust-resistant coating; however, some of this coating may wear off over time. Scrub it away in any areas of light rust with sandpaper or wire brush if you notice them. If it’s severely rusted, use a commercial rust remover and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

After the rust has been removed, clean the metal railing to remove any dust from the scraping. After cleaning, apply some liquid wax, which you should be able to find at a hardware or automotive store. Allow the polish to dry for some hours before buffing it off with a soft cloth.


Priming and painting the metal railing system

If your metal railings are not galvanized, you will need to paint them regularly to keep them looking good. A fresh paint coat will keep your railing looking new and prevent rust.

Before painting your railings, make sure that any existing rust has been removed and that the railings are clean. The railings will then be sanded down to the metal before being cleaned and dried again.

In keeping the surrounding areas clean, a tarp cover should be placed over them. This includes concrete, decks, and plants, among other things.

Then, a rust-resistant primer should be sprayed onto the metal and allowed to dry. After the primer has dried, you can start applying the paint. Spray paint is generally preferred because it provides better coverage. When painting, make sure to get into every crevice.

Remember that if you have a galvanized metal railing, it will require little maintenance other than cleaning. Even if you opt for a painted railing, regular maintenance will keep it appealing.


When is the best time to clean the metal railing system?

While “fall” isn’t one of our favourite words to hear in the safety industry, it is a favourite season for metal railings cleaning and maintenance, along with spring. Pleasant weather is the main reason. Cleaning solutions on cold or hot days can produce unpredictable results for some products, such as aluminum railings.

Condensation on the metal, for example, can occur during freezing temperatures, leaving permanent streaks on the railing. Hot, sunny days aren’t much better because chemical reactions can occur as the sun heats the metal surfaces. Instead of dealing with the extreme winter or summer temperatures, clean your metal rails during the mild and shady fall or spring seasons.

Install metal railings on your stairs!

The most challenging task may be deciding which metal railings to install in the first place. If you think about getting metal rails, reach GTA Grizzly to ensure you get the best option for your space. We guarantee that you will be pleased with your new fresh railings, and if you follow the tips above, you can ensure that they will bring you an excellent appearance for a long time!

Please speak to us at 647-465-6957 or email us at for more information about residential and commercial railing installation.

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