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Balcony Railings: A Residential and Commercial Guide

A Residential and Commercial Guide for Balcony Railings


Any builder, architect, or contractor knows that balcony railing is often an afterthought. They’re a selling point, but they rarely get special design treatment. Balconies, on the other hand, are desirable outdoor living areas that typically take up little space. As a result, they are an excellent way to increase the value of residential or commercial spaces without adding extra square footage.

Balcony railings are a standard part of the design for most large-scale multi-level dwellings, with identical dimensions and styles. Furthermore, an attractive, high-quality railing can make a balcony infinitely more appealing to a buyer or renter and even change the overall feel.

The good news for most property owners is that manufacturers produce quality balcony railing products that meet all necessary building code requirements and have some distinguishing features that make them appealing to both buyers and builders.

Some railing system manufacturers are now producing railings designed to be simple to install and use high-quality steel and coatings to create a long-lasting railing that also looks high-quality.

What exactly is a balcony railing?


A balcony railing is a type of railing that has been custom-made for a railing system in residential and commercial balconies. Its function expands the living space and range of activities available in a home without a garden or lawn. The balcony in many apartment buildings is partially recessed to provide both sunlight and shelter or shade.


Residential vs. commercial balcony railings


Residential balcony railing adds a one-of-a-kind feature that is sure to impress. This house balcony railing design blends in with a modern exterior to convey a sense of style and sophistication. When it comes to selling a home, staging is critical, and a home balcony railing provides more curb appeal than alternatives that may go unnoticed by a prospective buyer.

A commercial balcony railing is a low-cost method of attracting tenants. It’s no surprise that multi-family housing developments with commercial balcony railings rent faster and for more money.


Balcony railings materials

  • Plastics
  • Woods
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Iron
  • Standard steel


Different Balcony Railing Exterior Designs


Contemporary Exterior – A new balcony railing design will be influenced by what is popular at the time. Stainless steel is currently fashionable and is here to stay.

Modern Exterior – A modern design, on the other hand, is the definition of timeless because it never changes. Modern designs should be functional and straightforward.

Traditional Exterior – A classic design is usually ornamental, distinguished by order and consistency.

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Balcony railings are a great way to provide outdoor space for tenants while saving space in a property. This can add up in savings for multi-level buildings like apartments and condominiums. To save even more money, builders and owners should look for simple-to-install railing systems tailored to the specific needs of a building.

Everyone wants their outdoor spaces to be noticeable and attract potential buyers or renters. Balcony railings can help with curb appeal. We use branded railing products for a few of my projects. They have code-compliant railing systems that are simple to install, as well as the customization options you need to distinguish your balconies from the crowd.

Residential and commercial railing system installation in GTA

We know that you would probably go through your invested money for upgrading your surroundings. Either guaranteeing everybody’s safety and security. That is the reason we ensure that utilizing excellent quality railing systems matters. At GTA Grizzly we never short-cut any installation methods.


Deck Railing System Ideas You Must Consider

You Must Consider these Deck Railing System Ideas

When constructing or remodeling your outdoor deck, the railing is the final detail that can add character and bring life. Deck railing systems are mainly essential for safety reasons, even though they can be obstacles when taking a scenic view.

Whether you’re a home renovation professional, deck builder, or simply a homeowner, it’s necessary for you to familiarize different deck railings. Here are the five railing types that offer style, functionality, and safety features you might consider to help you gather ideas for your deck.

Different Types of Deck Railing Systems


Railing System for Your Home

1. Wood deck railing system

The conventional deck railing system is commonly made from wood with additional structures. This is a popular option for DIYers because the materials are very ecologically friendly and easy to build.

Custom wooden rails made by professional craftsmen are often used to supplement high-quality decking carved in decorative form. But the wooden balcony railings will most probably block your view. Wood railings can last for ten years or more with adequate maintenance.

2. Metal deck railing system

The installation of iron, steel, or powder pickets is an affordable way to add some style to your deck railing system. They are often combined with a wooden rail but certainly can be mounted on a corresponding metal frame.

In many colors and stylish styles, such as square, round and baroque, metal balusters are usually available in boxes with ten at homemade upgrades. This strong and stylish, easier-to-maintain metal deck railing will not break your bank for most homeowners.

3. Composite deck railing system

Composites are low maintenance, cost-effective, and increasingly popular. Decking companies often produce railings that match their composite decks’ appearance and come prefabricated as a single unit, which easily locks up.

They are also often sold assets in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. Although it is said that composite rails are incredibly durable, colour fading can be a problem. They don’t last as long as promised.

4. Glass deck railing system

The glass panels can also replace the pickets or balustrades so that a deck with a view is a good option for this kind of railing. The minimal glass look adds an elegant and modern attraction, and can also be installed on spigots. Your glass panels can be decorative or colored, but above all, the whole piece is tempered, not only edges.

This deck railing type will be more expensive than others, and only a professional should be installing it. Clean and new, particularly in salty ocean surroundings, will require a little further maintenance for glass railings. But more than a decade can easily last. If you’re looking for a deck railing system that is low maintenance, then this one is good for you.

5. Cable deck railing system

If you wish to have a picturesque view and feel the breeze with an open design, cable deck railings are also an excellent choice. Due to its horizontal arrangement features, this type of deck railing system is incredibly unique. Combined with a wood or metal frame, the look is both modern and traditional.

The cable wire is maintenance-free and robust enough to resist the harshest weather. Reliable railing suppliers can provide specialized kits for easy installation and custom design for single applications. The cost of a cable rail may be comparable to a glass or metal rail but may last longer.

6. Aluminum deck railing system

There is no single material that is perfect for every type of railing project. Choosing the best deck railing material necessitates balancing several factors. While an aluminum deck railing system may not be the first option that comes to mind compared to more popular options like wood and composite, it is the best choice in many cases and is also low maintenance.

The aluminum deck railing system is both strong and light. As a result, it is an excellent choice for projects where you cannot compromise safety. It is simple to work with, has a long lifespan, and requires little maintenance. Aluminum railing can also offer a variety of aesthetic customization options.

As always, it’s critical to research each material to find the best one for your project. Further research into the different benefits and drawbacks of the deck railing systems can help you narrow down your options.

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Here are some do-it-yourself that you could also read: DIY Railings

Residential and commercial deck railing system installation in GTA

Installing the railing systems on your deck is a requirement for most building codes. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner who has elevated decks on their spaces, it’s your primary obligation to secure every individual’s safety. Reach out to our deck railing installation services in GTA to assist you today.



Deck Construction Planning Tips

Planning Tips for Deck Construction

Deck construction can be essential to your home. They are successful in curbing booster appeal that may attract your relatives and visitors. Apart from this, they have open spaces for relaxation, fun, and social events outdoors. Either by DIY or by hiring skilled deck builders, you’re planning to build a deck sometime soon. If you want to install a deck, envision the decking goals you want to achieve. So, what are things to consider when planning a deck construction?


Deck construction planning considerations


Budget preparation for your deck construction

The crucial steps before undertaking any housing development are planning and preparation. It is good to create a certain amount to track the allocation of your expenditures, whether to install or renovate your deck. In your deck construction, you can spend these high costs on the following criteria:

  • Needed building permits
  • Preferred decking materials
  • Desired layouts and styles
  • Labor cost fees
  • Accessories (optional)


Clearly state the function of your deck

It’s such a blessing to live in a pleasant and peaceful environment. The deck is the best choice if you’d like to expand your home for increased open spaces. You can still renovate the current decks if you have anyway. When you first define some purposes, detailing specifications will become simpler to design. These are standard function you may consider:

  • Recreational space
  • Increased outdoor privacy
  • Greeneries area
  • Outdoor dining or bar
  • Picnic zone
  • Adjacent pool or spa


Finding the right spot for deck construction

It’s an opportunity to figure the right spot for your deck once you decide what feature will give you the most. It can sound not easy, but seeing the best outcome is rewarding. You can put it in front or backyard of your house. In some situations in deck construction, side yards are also applicable. Deck builders in Markham highlights relevant attributes you might take into account:

  • Optimizing privacy from outdoor public settings.
  • More comfortable indoor-outdoor entry.
  • Reinforcing the scenic outdoor environment.
  • Assessing the movements of weather and conditions.
  • Size, height, and thickness measurements.
  • Finding the best cozy place.


Accessories and lightings installations

Your deck might seem dull and boring without any accessories on it. If you want to add some aesthetic features to your deck, such as built-ins, the deck builders in Markham will provide you some enhancements. Here are some ideas you can install to increase its functionality:

  • Railings or fencings
  • Constructed plant boxes
  • Tables and benches
  • Fire pits installment
  • Gazebo on the deck
  • Canopy or Pergola
  • Cushions for exteriors
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Path or step lights
  • Landscape spotlights
  • Fairy lights
  • Pole lights

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Deck construction services in GTA

Make your deck look more alluring with the help of our skilled deck builders in Markham. From planning to deck construction, all things will go more manageable when you work with us. So, what are you waiting for? Give GTA Grizzly a call at 647-465-6957 or send an email at to book your appointment. Kindly fill up the inquiry form to leave your message through their website contact page.



How to Keep your Metal Railings Appealing

When newly installed metal railings are added to residential or commercial establishments, they can look aesthetically stunning. They can be a lovely charm to your property for many years to come. However, they will only remain at their best if they are correctly cared for and maintained like all things.

Regular use, wear and tear, rusty railings, and exposure to other elements can all hurt the appearance of your iron railings over time. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, your railings can survive significantly in the long run.


Here is a list of Maintenance Tips you can do for your Metal Railing System.


Cleaning the metal railing system

The first thing that will detract from the metal railing’s appearance is primarily the dust and dirt. This could be due to people’s hands using the rail, pollution, or even nearby construction kicking dust into the air.

You can dust off your railing with a microfiber cloth or, for a more thorough cleaning, combine a quarter cup of household cleaner with a half-gallon of water and wipe it down with a cloth. After cleaning, completely dry your railing.


Metal rails rust removal and prevention

Don’t worry about rust if your railing is hot-dipped-galvanized. If you’ve chosen a primer or paint finish, rust will be an issue, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for it to stop it in its tracks.

Your metal railing will come with a rust-resistant coating; however, some of this coating may wear off over time. Scrub it away in any areas of light rust with sandpaper or wire brush if you notice them. If it’s severely rusted, use a commercial rust remover and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

After the rust has been removed, clean the metal railing to remove any dust from the scraping. After cleaning, apply some liquid wax, which you should be able to find at a hardware or automotive store. Allow the polish to dry for some hours before buffing it off with a soft cloth.


Priming and painting the metal railing system

If your metal railings are not galvanized, you will need to paint them regularly to keep them looking good. A fresh paint coat will keep your railing looking new and prevent rust.

Before painting your railings, make sure that any existing rust has been removed and that the railings are clean. The railings will then be sanded down to the metal before being cleaned and dried again.

In keeping the surrounding areas clean, a tarp cover should be placed over them. This includes concrete, decks, and plants, among other things.

Then, a rust-resistant primer should be sprayed onto the metal and allowed to dry. After the primer has dried, you can start applying the paint. Spray paint is generally preferred because it provides better coverage. When painting, make sure to get into every crevice.

Remember that if you have a galvanized metal railing, it will require little maintenance other than cleaning. Even if you opt for a painted railing, regular maintenance will keep it appealing.


When is the best time to clean the metal railing system?

While “fall” isn’t one of our favourite words to hear in the safety industry, it is a favourite season for metal railings cleaning and maintenance, along with spring. Pleasant weather is the main reason. Cleaning solutions on cold or hot days can produce unpredictable results for some products, such as aluminum railings.

Condensation on the metal, for example, can occur during freezing temperatures, leaving permanent streaks on the railing. Hot, sunny days aren’t much better because chemical reactions can occur as the sun heats the metal surfaces. Instead of dealing with the extreme winter or summer temperatures, clean your metal rails during the mild and shady fall or spring seasons.

Install metal railings on your stairs!

The most challenging task may be deciding which metal railings to install in the first place. If you think about getting metal rails, reach GTA Grizzly to ensure you get the best option for your space. We guarantee that you will be pleased with your new fresh railings, and if you follow the tips above, you can ensure that they will bring you an excellent appearance for a long time!

Please speak to us at 647-465-6957 or email us at for more information about residential and commercial railing installation.


Choosing the Best Deck Railing System for your Home

Thinking about how to build a deck railing in your home?

Deck railing systems are necessary safety features on many decks and serve as a welcoming sensation to the visitors and guests. They make a significant contribution when it comes to the safety of your family’s casual delight in your outside spaces, especially to the kids and elders.

Railings are not only functional, but they also address an exciting chance to expand and supplement the deck railing designs. When guests enter your home, the deck railing you choose will be the most visible feature, so it’s critical to decide.

Here are some considerations for picking the ideal deck railing system for your deck installation project.

6 Considerations on Picking the Best Deck Railing System

1. Determine the height of your deck

Assess the height of your deck – that will decide if you need a handrail or a guardrail. If your deck is more than 30 inches over the ground or floor beneath, you’ll need to use a deck railing system as the building code mandated.

If your deck is lower than 30 inches over the ground, make a point to double-check building code requirements to guarantee your deck is pretty much protected.

2. Think about the accessibility

If you have an injured relative or have a physical disability, they can use your deck. You’ll have to ensure that your deck railing system complies with the local regulations for disabled persons.

3. Set your budget on a deck railing system

The most crucial step to making any significant interest in your house is to decide your budget plan. Softwoods like pine are the most affordable deck railing material, yet they will not keep going you as long as composite or vinyl.

Aluminum is likewise cheap thinking about its solidarity. Hardwoods and tempered steel links will, in general, have the most exorbitant cost labels, yet you may conclude that it’s great to spend some extra for these low-support materials.

4. Identify your deck railing materials.

It’s not difficult to get overwhelmed if you’re uncertain about picking a deck railing, particularly while choosing materials. That is because home or property owners have a comprehensive option of potential railing materials. Possible materials incorporate aluminum, vinyl, wood, iron, and even glass.

5. Select the best colour and style

Regarding picking the correct railing for your deck, you need to guarantee that you’re utilizing materials that are lovely in appearance, fitting, expect low to zero maintenance, and that last.

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6. Deck railing system installation services of GTA Grizzly

Deck railing systems are critical to the spaces with elevated platforms. So, are you ready to see the incredible transformation of your deck? To do that, you need to hire the most reputable deck builders in GTA. They guarantee you to give the exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness of their craft. Reach out to GTA Grizzly to book your appointment.


Importance of Railing Systems in Commercial and Residential Properties

Structural attractiveness, functionality, and safety are the common factors why property owners consider railing systems. Installing railing systems to their homes and business establishments are a great part for a safe place. Railings can be customized to match your taste in color, types, designs. Or whatever you want to achieve in the interior and exterior modifications.

Look around business establishments and private spaces. Ever see those railings systems as a safety barrier on businesses’ properties like apartment buildings, condos, motels, hotels, or any balcony requiring a safety barrier.

Although many of us use railing systems every day, we don’t often consider their importance for safety. Railing systems seem to complete our porches and decks’ design, making it look aesthetically beautiful, a convenient spot to hang lights, flower beds, bunting, or accessories for a cozy set up.

We love to lean on them. Oh yes, we do! But we hardly notice the fact that they are solid and sturdy with aptly sized railings, basically to protect us. Imagine a world without these railings, and it will surely be a global catastrophe!

Critical factors why railing systems are essential in residential and commercial properties

We must know the importance of railings, especially on stairways, decks, and ledges. Let’s not forget that it adds beauty to a home or building, but the railing’s main and primary purpose should always be safety.

Here’s a list to help you understand the importance of railings and a compilation of their numerous safety advantages:

Helping people to balance on steps and elevated platforms

In usual cases, a person tends to lose balance on the stairs, or an individual who suffers muscle weakness disorders may clutch to the railing. Railing systems provide stability, which is especially important for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Some people like to lightly grace railings with their hands just if they need extra support or balance.

Nasty falls accidents and injuries prevention

Railings systems on decks and ledges provide safety barriers between the deck’s surface and the high vertical drop. They help protect curious children, pets, and drunk or unaware adults.

Providing comfort and peace of mind with height anxiety

If a person suffers from vertigo or acrophobia, someone who has an extreme fear of heights, a railing system can make them feel more comfortable. They allow people to walk to the very edge of the deck or balcony. Without a railing system, most people would not venture within 6-12 inches of the deck.

Increasing safety during unpleasant weather condition

During stormy weather conditions, including rain, storms, snow, blizzards, ice, and sleet, flooring surfaces can become slippery and dangerous. Railing systems provide support, and many people will grip them to ensure that they don’t slip. For enhanced safety in these unpleasant circumstances, keep the flooring surface clean and shovelled.

More convenient to use in carrying unwieldy loads

When you’re carrying a heavy or cumbersome load and attempting to climb up a set of stairs or a ramp, a railing can make the journey far less treacherous. It will give you something to grab onto if you’re feeling off-balance. For example, railing systems may come in handy if you’re carrying a baby, suitcase, or groceries packs.

Keeping items from swooping off on windy days

On a windy day, railing systems can keep the contents of your porch or deck from swooping off the edge. Keeping items includes light furniture, umbrellas, toys, cushions, and etc. Railing systems also allow you to place items on the porch or deck edges. Without fear, such as sofas, barbecue pits, and flower pots.

Residential and Commercial Railing Systems at GTA Grizzly

We know that you would probably go through your invested money for upgrading your surroundings. Either guaranteeing everybody’s safety and security. That is the reason we ensure that utilizing excellent quality railing systems matters. At GTA Grizzly we never short-cut any installation methods. All things considered, our group gives supportable and high-grade railing materials for residential and commercial railing systems to acquire cost-effectiveness and excellent craftsmanship.

We, in GTA GRIZZLY, offer various sorts of materials that we use for private railing systems. Here’s the rundown where you can choose:

Protect everybody from fall accidents and injuries. Always be safe! Choose wisely, choose GTA GRIZZLY.


Best Landscape Construction Services in Ontario – Tips on How to Find Them

Landscape construction in outdoor spaces is one of the most efficient ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Most residential and commercial property owners do invest in hiring landscaping services to beautify their exterior surroundings. Finding reliable landscaping builders may be challenging. However, we will give you some useful tips. But before we proceed to the main topic, here’s the main reason you need to work with the right landscaping builders.

Cost-effectiveness – Spending a vast amount of money dealing with a low-quality landscaping service is a huge deal. On the contrary, working with the right landscaping builders will give you peace of mind. It would be best if you were mindful when it comes to hiring landscapers to prevent disappointments.

High-quality services – Well-established landscaping services usually ensure the quality of services they provide to meet their local clients’ highest standard. It’s mainly because positive reviews from their respective clients also affect their business growth.

Landscape warranty – Working with the right landscaping construction service will offer you a contract for limited days of coverage. So, just if you saw some defects right after the installation, the landscaping warranty will give you the right to request their possible resolutions.

Tips on how to find the best landscape construction services in Ontario

Find landscaping services in Houzz or other listing platforms

The modern Internet platforms now offer a wide selection of resources. You can search specific keywords such as “landscaping, services near me” or landscaping builders near me.” Search engines will probably give you numerous results. Another straightforward option, you can search on the Houzz website. It is an online hub for landscapers, home builders, deck builders, or related home care services.

Gather recommendations from someone you know

If you feel any doubt searching online, gathering recommendations can also be helpful in your searching process. You can ask your family, friends, relatives, or co-workers if they have some reliable referrals to work with. This is also your opportunity to ask further inquiries about their landscaping services, such as the cost, inclusions, performance, etc.

Evaluate the feedback on their previous work experience

Do your investigatory homework after you collected the lists of landscaping services in your area. Check the feedback from their website or local listings. Or ask the referrals about their experience working with them. If you have seen negative reviews from their site or listings, it indicates that their poor-quality service will not obtain satisfactory and cost-effective results.

Checking of credentials and background

You can either visit their website to get their contact information or go to their main office to have a chance to talk with their contractor. As their client, it’s your right to ask further questions about their credentials and background. It’s a practical way to determine if they are qualified to fulfill your needs.


Landscape construction services in Ontario

If you dream about constructing aesthetically pleasing landscapes in your outdoor spaces, let’s turn your dreams into reality! We guarantee that GTA Grizzly has impressive landscaping designers and well-skilled landscape builders. No matter how big or small the project they handle, their flexibility and innovative aspects can make impossible things happen. Reach us out today! Give us a call at 647-465-6957 or send your email at to schedule your appointment.





5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Snow Removal Services in GTA

As the winter season strikes in Canada, snow removal services are becoming in-demand for residential and commercial spaces, especially in GTA. Winter season falls from December to February (March or later part). We all know that it will become a lovely and exciting vacation with your family or friends during this weather. Overlooking piles of snow in the stress may bring unfortunate disasters.

We are inspired to make this article to list down the benefits. Below are the five reasons why you should hire GTA Grizzly snow removal services.

Top 5 benefits of hiring GTA Grizzly snow removal services

1. A preventative measure to avoid accidents and injuries

Numerous accidents and injuries are all recorded every winter season. It’s mainly because of slippery ice that blocks the drive and walkways in residential or commercial spaces. As a responsible property owner, you must always ensure the safety of your family or customers. Meaning to say, hiring snow removal services will help to lessen the unpleasant circumstances.

2. Maximizes your time and energy

While you’re trying to remove the ice that blocks your front and driveways, it will likely slow the removal process. It is hard to handle the freezing feeling brought by cold weather. You’re in good hands choosing the Grizzly snow removal services. You don’t need to worry about storing tools used in eliminating the ice. You will save up your time and energy when you work with skilled team from GTA Grizzly.

3. Obtain the cost-effectiveness and quality results

People usually think getting snow removal services might sound expensive. Well, these services always ensure the quality of their work. So you have to worry about spending on nothing. The completion of the removing process will also finish without any interruption ahead of the required time. Plus, you will see the cost-effectiveness and high-quality results later on.

4. Maintain the curb appeal of outdoor spaces

Don’t let the heavy snows ruin the alluring appearance of your home. One of the main reasons you need to work with Grizzlers is to remove the ice that blocks your driveways, paths, streets, or walkways. Obtain their curb appeal, as well as functionality, to make your outdoor spaces well-maintained. Additionally, it will give you a more convenient and accessible outcome.

5. Usage of advanced specialized equipment

Please choose the right decisions which make it more manageable and useful instead of removing snow in the streets using shovels or plows. Our skilled Grizzly snow removal services in GTA use modern equipment to speed up the removal process. Plus, the skilled Grizzlers know how to operate them safely and efficiently. GTA Grizzly provide and excellent work in snow removal services.

GTA Grizzly snow removal services in GTA

Winter season is coming, and snowflakes are starting to block your way! Hire GTA Grizzly snow removal services to clean the bunch of snow that stuck to your driveway. Give us a call at 647-465-6957 or email us at to schedule your appointment. You can visit our website contact page to fill up and submit the inquiry form.



Fence Installation Ideas That You Must See

Fence installations are one of the most stylish decorations when dressing up your home. If you think that fences are just fancy accessories, your idea is wrong. Its function in your outdoor surrounding serves as separating barriers indicating the limitations of specified space. With this, it helps to prevent uninvited intruders, as well as animals, from entering your property zone.

You might ask yourself if it is worth installing; well, yes. When you consider building a fence on your yards, or every side of your property, it increases the privacy and security of your home. It will also benefit your family, especially when you have small children that love to roam around.

Our fence builders in GTA made a list of popular fence installation ideas that you need to see. If you are looking for inspiration in modern fence construction, this article is for you.

Inspiration for your fence installations

Do you want to boost your property’s curb appeal and add some aesthetics to your outdoor spaces? Take a look at these latest trends!

Contemporary horizontal fence construction

The most common fence installation you can see in different residential homes. Contemporary horizontal ones are much more versatile than the other ones. It can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, or any other weather conditions. Horizontal fences can last long, unlike vertical ones that touch the ground, making it easy to become saggy.



The most common fence installation you can see in different residential homes. Contemporary horizontal ones are much more versatile than the other ones. It can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, or any other weather conditions. Horizontal fences can last long, unlike vertical ones that touch the ground, making it easy to become saggy.

Stoned wall fence construction


A walled stone fence, also known as gabion walls, will give you a Stone Age-looking theme. Just like new horizontal fences, they can also withstand any weather circumstances. Plus, considering this design will only require raw fence installation materials such as cement, bricks, a sack of stones, and other necessities.

Wrought iron fence construction


Due to their sustainability and long-lasting quality, wrought iron fences are among the n demands requested of our fence builders in GTA. The popularity of this classy and straightforward appearance has low maintenance—the reason why most homeowners choose this fence installation for their home.

Brick fence construction


Give your house the best look by building a fence using bricks. You can choose either pure bricks or with a combination of other materials such as gabion walls, wrought irons, stones, or whatever your tastes. Brick wall fences are perfect for noise minimizers from a noisy community. Moreover, it can mix and match in any home.

Natural fence construction


If you want to have barriers full of greens, why not choose this natural fence construction. Fence installation services can integrate shrubs or bushes and transform them into natural-looking walls. Even though it requires high maintenance, the most significant advantage will give your outdoor space a calmer atmosphere.

Fence builders by GTA Grizzly

Install your fence to your lovely home to protect your family members. Get in touch with GTA Grizzly now to discuss your fence construction needs. Give us a call at 647-465-6957 or send an email at to schedule your appointment. You can also visit our homepage and fill up the provided form to submit your inquiries.


Reason Why Deck Construction in Outdoor Spaces Are Important

Deck construction is one of the most popular outdoor space enhancements in Richmond Hill. Most homeowners consider hiring expert deck builders to achieve a stunning deck layout. Building a deck may be expensive, but it is worth investing in.

The most common questions popping on their mind:

  • Why add a deck to your home?
  • Is building a deck worth it?
  • Why is installing a deck essential?

If you plan to expand the outdoor space but get caught in the dilemma of spending your money, this article will answer these questions. Here are the top five reasons why deck installation is essential.

Deck installation boosts the value of your property.

Realtors will love to hear this. Considering building a deck can hike up your property value. The return of investment (ROI) ranges from 70 to 80 percent. It depends on the quality of materials used in installing the deck, size, deck construction cost, and other related factors. For example, if the estimated cost is $9,450, then the property value will increase at real estate markets worth $10,000.

Deck installation adds an entertainment zone.

Once the deck construction is fully complete, it will be the perfect place to host a house party and even family gatherings. You can use the easy-to-carry iron grill and adjustable bar for food preparations. It is the simplest way to cherish your moments with them on your home’s deck. Additionally, your deck will be an ideal hotspot for recreational activities.

Deck installation enhances the functionality of your home.

Building a deck boosts the functionality of your home. You can install add-ons such as tables, seating arrangements, fire pits, pergola for shades, and other functional features. It creates an outdoor space for relaxation and fitness activities.

Deck installation expands the outdoor living space.

You can extend the garden area of your house to look more environmentally friendly. Some popular deck construction put stylish built-in plant boxes at the corner of their decks. Plant pots and plant racks can be the best option in enhancing its appearance. Adding more greens to your outdoor space produces a considerable amount of clean and fresh air.

Deck installations bring new and fresh looks.

Aside from adding functionality, curb appeal and aesthetic designs are the factors that bring ultimate transformation. Choose the best architectural deck layout to achieve the latest trend. Of course, it is crucial to pick the finest quality materials and decorations to use in your deck construction. Expert deck builders know the best way of arranging and setting up your home’s deck.

Skilled deck installation builders in Toronto and GTA

Are you looking for trusted deck construction services? Look no further than GTA Grizzly. Our passion for performing our expertise has helped numerous home and commercial owners. We can complete the deck installation before a given schedule.

Get in touch now, give us a call at 647-465-6957 or send an email at to claim your free quote. You can also fill-up the form from their website contact page to submit your inquiry.